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Three Apps That Aid Golfing

Sergeant Roy Browser Jr. is a retired Air Force Chief Master Sergeant who possesses impeccable scheduling and time management skills. For fun, Sergeant Roy Browser Jr. likes to play golf.

Over time, the game of golf has been made somewhat easy owing to the proliferation of various apps. So, golfers at all levels can improve their game by learning new skills or following the recommendation from golf apps. And some of these valuable applications can include:

1. V1 Golf: The app is ideal for fundamental swing modification since it uses golfers’ phone cameras to capture their swings. After, the app relays feedback to them through drawable lines on their videos to enable golfers to scrutinize their swings. The V1 Golf app possesses a slow-motion video feature that permits users to examine the details of their swing in slow motion.

This application allows golfers to download PGA TOUR professionals’ swing patterns, comparing their swings to those of the world’s best players. With in-app purchases and a price of $4.99, the application is available to iOS and Android users.

2. HUDL: Sharing similar features with the V1 Golf app, HUDL also permits golfers to record their swings and view them in slow motion. However, this app consists of a different tab for golf lessons, containing video tutorials of professional instructors guiding users on the rudiments and steps to complete the swing’s facets. HUDL is free and compatible with devices such as Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

3. Golf Gps and Scorecard by SwingxSwing: As a replica of its name, this application has a rangefinder tab and a scorecard that permits users to track each stroke. Next, the app offers golfers a calculated handicap after saving three rounds. It also enables golfers to reserve tee times and share their scores on social media. Android, iPhone, and iPad users can access it as a free app.