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Enlisted Aides Provide Crucial Support to General Officers

Sergeant Roy Bowser Jr. served in the United States Air Force for more than 25 years and rose to the rank of Chief Master Sergeant, the highest rank available to enlisted personnel. He served in many assignments throughout his Air Force career and earned two associate’s degrees from the Community College of the Air Force and a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from TUI University (now Trident University International) in California. In 2006, Senior Master Sergeant Roy Bowser Jr. was named the Enlisted Aide of the Year for his exemplary service to his principals and for his leadership in the field.

Career airmen and noncommissioned officers in the Air Force may volunteer for enlisted aide positions, in which they are assigned to a specific general officer to perform official duties. These duties include administrative tasks such as preparing schedules and planning events, as well as serving as hosts at official functions. Other duties of enlisted aides may include uniform preparation, organization, scheduling, menu and meal preparation for official functions, and overall management of the general’s quarters.

Enlisted personnel may apply to become enlisted aides if they are past their initial enlistment, recommended by superiors, and releasable from their current career field. Once their applications are approved and they are selected they undergo a significant amount of training both with aides that have experience and within civilian institutions.